Встречай экшн камеру SJCAM  M20

Первую SJCAM экшн камеру с пультом управления

Купить SJCAM M20 с доставкой по России от 1 до 7 дней сейчас!

Селфи палка (монопод) с умным пультом управления

многофункциональный пульт управления (aka SJ Remote)

166° Adjustable FOV - Shoot it how you want it

M20 has an adjustable FOV allowing you to shoot Wide (166°) Medium and Narrow.

Несколько фото и видео форматов (мультиформатность)

MP4 и .MOV для видео, JPEG и RAW для фото



Коррекция искажений (Distortion Correction)

Если у Вас уже была экшн камера старых моделей, то Вы сталкивались с проблемой "рыбьего глаза" (fish-eye эффект), которая делала Ваши видео странными и непрофессиональными. У экшн камеры SJCAM M20 есть решение для Вас. Включите коррекцию искажений (Distortion Correction) и записывайте красивое, реалистичное видео with the widest field of view option ON.


Gyro Stabilization

Gyro stabilization rounds out bumps in the road. Turn Gyro on when shooting video. Gyro is useful when shooting video when there is upwards and downwards motion. Whether you are recording using m20 while biking, FPV or dash cam, Gyro will make your video that much more smooth.


Control Capture Share

SJCAM Zone for M20 supports wireless connection with iOS and Android. Preview Control capture and share videos and pictures remotely.


Dive With Me

Dive up to 30 meters (90 feet) with the M20. The M20 has a very sleek and sturdy waterproof case.

TV output

Connecting SJCAM to the TV has never been so simple thanks to the HDMI TV-output mode.


2160p Запись видео

M20 is a 2.5K action camera. 4K is supported via Interpolation.


SJCAM M20 with aerial capabilities

Are you a drone fan? Do you own a drone with limited recording capabilities? M20 is perfect for aerial video- and photo- recording. No built-in drone camera on the market offers such great video image, wide field of view, and great audio quality.


SJCAM M20 Housing

The new M20 includes a waterproof which can be used safely up to 30 meters under the water. The new case design is not only smaller in volume, but also lighter and stronger. Thanks to the safe lock implemented, you may be assured that the camera will not open in the water by accident.


M20 поддерживает RAW формат фото

M20 supports taking pictures in RAW. Raw means that the m20 does not edit the photo quality. There is no loss of image quality. RAW is only for photography. M20 также поддерживает форматы mp4 и mov для видеофайлов.